Lääkäri, tarjoilija ja kirjanpitäjä seisovat pahvilaatikoissa ravintolan edessä.

Kespro Services

Kespro offers a wide range of services for the restaurant industry.

Kespro offers a wide range of services for the restaurant industry.

Services for restaurants

At Kespro, we support restaurant entrepreneurs as much as we can. When it comes to foodservice product range, we are proud to say that at Kespro we have the industry's best and most extensive range of safe and verified products. Besides products, we also offer several services for restaurant business development. Kespro's own services as well as Kespro's service partners' offerings differ all the way from occupational health care and rental worker services to e.g. digital food waste management. The services are tailored with the best benefits and prices for Kespro's customers. If you have any questions regarding Kespro's services, don't hesitate to contact our sales or service sales.

New service for Kespro's customers

Kespro's new Reports service (Kespro Raportit) allows you to view all your purchase data from Kespro in one place. Included are also purchases from Reinin Liha and Kalatukku E. Eriksson.

Restaurant business development and wholesale services

Kespro Ravintolatukku


Kespro Restaurant Wholesale

Restaurant Wholesale


Raflakonsultti – Consulting for restaurants

Kespro Foodsteri


Kespro Courses


Kespronet Online Store

Kespronet Online Store

Premium fish and meat

Kalatukku E. Eriksson

Kalatukku E. Eriksson

Reinin Liha

Reinin Liha

Logistics, responsibility and recycling

Kespro Logistics Services

Logistics Services

Lassila & Tikanoja – Waste management services for restaurants

L&T – Waste management

Suomen Kasviöljykierrätys (SKK) – jäterasvojen keräyspalvelu ravintoloille

SKK – free waste vegetable oil collection bins and services

Mobility services and traffic station services

K-Auto – Car services for restaurants

K-Auto – Mobility

Neste – Car services for restaurants

Neste – Traffic station

Digital self-monitoring, food waste management and restaurant booking system

Hukka AI – Digital food waste management

Hukka AI – Digital food waste management

NSnappy – Digital Self-monitoring service for restaurants

NSnappy – Digital self-monitoring

Prego Booking – Restaurant Booking System

Prego Booking – Restaurant Booking System

Take away

Kamupak – Uudelleenkäytettävät take away -astiat palveluna

Kamupak – A circular packaging system

Smart Set – Take away - packaging services for take away

Smart Set – packaging services for take away

Restaurant spaces

K-Rauta – Rautakauppa ravintoloille

K-Rauta –
 Hardware store

Lindström – Carpet changing and restroom services for restaurants

Lindström – Carpet changing and restroom services

Suunnittelutoimisto Soihtu – Tila- ja sisustussuunnittelu

Suunnittelutoimisto Soihtu – Interior and decor design

Workforce, occupational health care and wellbeing

Eezy – Employee rental services for restaurants

Eezy – Rental worker

Täsmä Työterveyshuolto – Occupational health care for restaurants

Täsmä Työterveys – Occupational health care

Staycation and health check

Vierumäki – Staycation and health check

Workforce management, accounting, payroll & HR solutions

Accountor – Accounting, payroll & HR solutions for restaurants

Accountor – Accounting, payroll & HR solutions

MaraPlan Pro – Workforce management for restaurants

MaraPlan Pro – Workforce management


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Why choose Kespro?


Wide product

The wide product range is constantly evolving according to our customers' wishes


The best

Personal service from professionals in the field of restaurant food



Prices are negotiated so they are suitable and profitable for our customers


Every day

We invest in constantly improving our supply chain reliability


A responsible

We are part of K Group, which has been named the world's most responsible operator in the trading sector!

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