Foodservice wholesaler Kespro

At Kespro, we are passionate about the foodservice sector. We aim to work with our customers to make eating out a more exciting experience, more responsible and more popular – no more and no less than that.

At Kespro, we are passionate about the foodservice sector. We aim to work with our customers to make eating out a more exciting experience, more responsible and more popular – no more and no less than that.

Services and products from Kespro

Kespro is a food wholesaler owned by Kesko. Kespro provides Finland's largest wholesale range for the foodservice sector. Our customers include restaurants, hotels, cafés, service stations, public sector institutions, K-Group stores and retail dealers. Kespro's Cash-and-Carries serve Kespro's business customers (registered business entities) all over Finland, and Kesko's logistics and distribution network, which covers the entire country, will deliver the products to the door. At Kespro, we help all our customers – whether large or small – to succeed and develop their business ideas. Kespro's food wholesale offers a wide range of high-quality products with reliable delivery and competitive pricing, as well as an unmatched service attitude. We provide service in person and in digital channels.

Why choose Kespro?


Wide product

The wide product range is constantly evolving according to our customers' wishes


The best

Personal service from professionals in the field of restaurant food



Prices are negotiated so they are suitable and profitable for our customers


Every day

We invest in constantly improving our supply chain reliability


A responsible

We are part of K Group, which has been named the world's most responsible operator in the trading sector!

How to sign up as a Kespro customer or apply for a wholesale card

Contact Kespro's customer service or sales teams directly. You can also fill in the customer form, and we will contact you.
Here's a tip: you can also get a wholesale card by visiting your nearest Kespro cash-and-carry – just fill in the customer form, and you can usually start shopping right away.


Cash-and-carry outlets serve customers all over Finland!

In addition, Kespro is backed by Kesko's logistics and distribution network, which will deliver your order to your door. Every wholesaler creates its product range by listening to local customers. The wholesaler is a flexible partner that arranges matters so as to address your needs in cases such as products and timetables related to specific events. Our personnel offer ideas and solutions in addition to good products.



What would you like? 

At Kespro, we offer a wide range of products for professional kitchens. Collaboration is the foundation of our success: we tailor the right solutions to suit each customer's business idea by working together with the customer. We are proud to say that we have the industry's best and most extensive range of safe and verified products, so we can tailor a solution for every customer at a competitive price. We are not trying to offer everything to everyone, as that could only result in meaning nothing to nobody. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask us. Sign in to Kespro's online store Kespronet to see the full range and prices.


Kalatukku E. Eriksson

Reinin Liha


Kespro offers a wide range of services for the restaurant industry. In addition, Kespro offers several partner services which support restaurant management and development as well as save the precious time for what matters the most – for producing unforgettable customer experiences.

Restaurant Wholesale

100 % reliability

The restaurant sets the pace – easier orders, faster deliveries! Kespro's Restaurant Wholesale is the market's fastest way of ordering from a wholesaler. For your restaurant, this means you can place an order on a Sunday or public holiday, with delivery frequencies as fast as six hours and deliveries twice a day! Ensure you can get wholesale deliveries to your restaurant when it suits you best. In addition to conventional wholesale services, the services are increasingly customisable for each customer's individual needs regarding order volumes, delivery times, and delivery schedules.


The latest solutions to enhance your business

Kespro's Foodsteri product development kitchens are intended for ideation, innovation and, above all, solutions. Co-operation is refined, amplifying the fun of working together. Kespro's professionals are full of ideas, and they tailor meetings to seek solutions to the specific customer's challenges. The Foodsteris also train, conduct tastings, experiment with new products, and test combinations of foods and wines. Everyday work is much nicer when things go smoothly. Everything we do is aimed towards making our customers' businesses more profitable in the changing operating environment of the future.



We constantly improve our supply chain reliability

Kespro Logistics is a part of the extensive and responsible Kesko Logistics service entity. Kespro Logistics services are at the heart of our business: we ensure responsible purchasing and logistics services for professional kitchens – from warehousing to transportation. In addition, the Kespro Logistics service helps make the day-to-day lives of Kespro's foodservice customers easier by offering a rapid delivery schedule with delivery days and timeslots that serve customers' needs.


More profitable business – responsibly! 

We believe in responsibility that produces more profitable business. A responsible approach is a part of every Kespro employee's work. Kespro belongs to Kesko, so it is committed to the jointly agreed principles that guide the work of all K-Group employees. Kespro's responsibility work is divided into five themes: reducing food wastage, product safety and responsible purchasing, collaboration with small-scale producers, the environment, and the K Code of Conduct

Vacant positions

Kespro as an employer – Come and work for us!

At Kespro, we share an enthusiasm for food and a professional attitude that is reflected in our spirit of getting things done, taking responsibility and having the opportunity to have a say in how things are done. At Kespro, you will have the opportunity to develop in interesting and challenging roles. We offer a specialised, inspiring and youthful work environment and Kesko Group's benefits. Our vacant positions are shown on the Kesko website. If you cannot find a suitable job for you at this time, you can also submit an open job application.

Ideas and inspiration

Find the best solutions for professionals!

We do not leave our customers to go it alone at any stage. We always offer a helping hand and support when it is needed. We know it is not always easy, and our customers need information, new ideas, and support in putting new ideas into practice. If you cannot think how to revamp and develop your business, you will find ideas and inspiration at, at Kespro Events such as Kespro Fairs, in the Menu magazine and other brochures and magazines, at Kespro's training events, in mis en place lists and in Kespro's recipes.

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